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2018 Southold Opera Singing Competition

The Southold Opera is happy to announce its first Competition for Opera Singers! 

Below is our list of finalists.

Junior Division

Marissa Rackwitz

Juliet Rand

Amateur Division:

Michael Babin - Amateur Award

Jessica Shanks - Amateur Award

Emerging Professional Division:

Christine Browning

Teresa Castillo

Holly Flack - 1st Prize Winner

Liana Guberman - 2nd Prize Winner

Miles Herr - Tenor Encouragement Award

Karmeha Peake

Tom Mulder - 2nd Prize Tenor Award

Jennifer Noel

Daniel Noone

Professional Division:

Gilberto Amaro - 1st Prize Tenor Award

Daniel Klein

Lorraine Helvick

Alison McConekey

Steven Tompkins

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