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The artistic Director Anne-Julia Audray comes to us from New York City, Lincoln Center and brings an array of musical talent and knowledge to Southold.

She is very pleased to welcome you to a special open house to learn more about the music classes and music performances that will be offered this Fall.


The Audray Method:


Drawing from her personal experience, Ms. Audray has developed a unique method for training individuals to master their own individual level of vocal technique.


This method is a physical workout, based on specific yoga alike postures which rely on using effective support from the core muscles. This ultimately leads to free the natural process of breathing, the relaxation of the throat and the face. It maximizes the quality and beauty of the sound.


Anne-Julia is an interesting mix of an “old school spirit,” teacher, an innovative researcher, a happy stage performer, a competitive personality…and a musician. “I am a craftswoman in the service of music,” she always says.


She believes in teaching specific voice exercises that help the student build vocal technique by training muscles needed for singing instead of using metaphors to explain how the voice works. In her eyes the voice teacher has an important role in the life of a singer: therefore the teacher has to possess a profound knowledge of the function of the body and voice and be experienced in performing on a professional level. It should be a sensitive, supportive and non judgmental teacher that recognizes the intrinsic beauty of the voice of a student.

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