Frequently Asked Questions



Do I have to be able to read music?

No. We have supportive coaches who teach how to learn songs without reading music, but it is highly recommended to register for the sight reading class for singers.


Must I have any previous voice training?

No. The Audray method is a wonderful way to start learning a great vocal technique. However, Ms Audray offers tremendous help to the advanced students who struggle with vocal difficulties in their repertoire.


Can I learn to sing if I think I am “tone deaf”?

Ms Audray is a specialist in “tuning” ears of people who are unable to carry a tune.


Can I be a student at the Southold Opera if I want to become a professional singer?


Yes, The Southold Opera works like a platform where the potential professional singer will have a top preparation in voice technique, repertoire, performing on stage and an exposure to the Performing Arts industry.  

The Southold Opera is also dedicated to offer those benefits to professional singers.


Can I be a student at the Southold Opera even if I don’t want to become a professional singer?


Yes, the Southold Opera works with each person as an individual and at his/her level. Students will enjoy becoming a “pro” amateur.

LOCATION: 53930 Main Road

Southold, NY 11971

Mailing address: P.O BOX 593

Southold, NY 11971


Tel: 631-407-8001

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