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Our mission:


Two years ago, Anne-Julia Audray and her husband, Olivier Chazareix, transformed an abandoned church into a beautifully renovated performance venue.  But a pretty stage was not enough for the quality of performance we wanted to present to you. After years of ongoing construction, we built improvements on our stages, studios for music lessons, studios for classical study of ball room dance, and a reformed parsonage for our artists-in-residence, all while taking great care to keep the church’s original charm intact.

As a result of our alterations, we have become the cultural hub for Long Island’s East End and surrounding areas. Friends and families have come here to celebrate the performing arts.  So far, we have produced 13 shows, all of which were lauded by our local audiences.

Southold Opera has served not only as an organization to present opera to the public outside of major cosmopolitan cities, but also help develop younger opera singers into the stars of tomorrow. We put together collaborations between the most well-known authorities in the field and our young artists. We provide coachings, lessons, master classes, studies in movement and vocal mechanics, and much more to help these budding professionals hone their skills as performance artists.  Everything they learn here, they will take with them on the international stage.

Southold Opera also provides educational programs to the community.  Students of every level and age are welcome to find their own voice in the nurturing environment we provide.  We strive to bring you year-round musical excellence. Whether you are an opera lover or brand new to opera, we invite you to come explore what Southold Opera has to offer. We guarantee you will be transported into another world.

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