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In accordance with the governor's executive order, the Southold Opera House remains closed at this time.

We were very excited to propose a voice clinic boot camp with Anne-Julia Audray, at the end of August 2020, for professional singers, but as the virus continues to spread in the country, we decided to postpone all our activities at a later date this year.

Nevertheless Ms. Audray decided to start consulting on your vocal issues by video.

She is offering a free first consultation to any professional opera singer interested by an evaluation of his/her vocal technique.

Please send her an e-mail to:




tenorrrissimo poster.jpg

Watch our trailer

Welcome to our Educational program

For teens and adults

The Southold Opera House is not yet certain to restart in-person classes in September 2020.

Please send us your inquiries for our Fall 2020 activities

Singing: lessons with

voice teacher Anne-Julia Audray

accompanied by a pianist


Piano: our new 6 piano class in small groups

from beginner to advanced level.

Southold Opera Ensemble:


for confirmed singers able to read music.

Admission by audition

Date of start to be determined in September 2020.

Please register on our Education page




Concerts and performances were on standby at the Southold Opera House because of  the renovation of the former

parsonage that hosts musicians.

Because of the spread of the virus, we will not be opening before the Holiday Season in December 2020



Our last concert was performed in December 2019 with our Holiday Concert 

Our last production was in Manhattan at the   

Actors' Temple, 339 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

in  May 2019



Special Guests:

  • "Assoluta" Soprano Anne-Julia Audray

  • Stupenda Coloratura Soprano Tenor  Holly Flack

  • Gilberto Amaro, Tenor 

  • Tom Mulder, Tenor 

  • Miles Herr, Tenor 

  • Stéphane Sénéchal, Tenor 

  • The French American Choir of New York

  • Father Nicolas: Nicolas Garnier

  • Private Bob: Matthieu Chazareix

  • Pianist: Bowei Chen

  • Stage Director: Stephane Senechal

  • Set Designer: Nicolas Garnier

  • Costumes: Anne-Julia Audray

Artistic Director Anne-Julia Audray


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About Tenorrrissimo: This  moving musical-comedy features five rising opera singers, French diva Anne-Julia Audray, Metropolitan Opera coach Joan Dornemann, and no microphone.

Bringing opera and comedy together, Tenorrrissimo makes the beauty of classical and romantic vocal music accessible to all. With performances of extragravant virtuosity and arias full of passion, Tenorrrissimo brings to all audiences opera’s most beautiful and spectacular high notes.

Performing the most stratospheric solos, these five singers are inspired by the original 3 Tenors: Pavarotti, Domingo, and Carreras. Featuring the songs of Puccini, Verdi, Bizet, Donizetti, Offenbach, Saint Saens, Gounod, Mascagni and more.

Based on an original idea and script by Anne-Julia Audray.

THE PLOT: Inspiration strikes when the Artistic Director of Long Island’s Southold Opera House (the retired soprano assoluta Griselda Carrara de la Mancha-Tequilla) reads a 1996 New York Times article about the famous and worldwideban "The Three Tenors" . As a business savvy opera diva, she knows the only thing better than The Three Tenors could be The Five Tenors, in a show named “Tenorrrissimo!”

Griselda will assemble the greatest opera quintet ever heard, but first she needs to find her stars. She invites the small Long Island town of Southold to audition. The first aspiring divos don’t quite hit the notes. Yet the true talents are hiding right under Griselda’s nose. A new group is born.

She convinces her business associate, the French impresario Stephane de Fol-Amour to start organizing a worldwide tour for the supergroup.

Griselda is sure that Tenorrrissimo will smash the box office records and outsell the original Three Tenors. The first stop of Tenorrrissimo’s world tour is on the marina of the little port of Greenport, Long Island. Will they ever make it to the Metropolitan Opera?


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